FLEXY Espresso Coffee Machine compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point®.

Flexy is a gem with a footprint of only 12 cm of front width, modern and easy to use, with single-dose capsule system, designed to let you enjoy the delicious aroma of espresso coffee right at your home.

Small, functional and with a modern design FLEXY is the ideal solution for your home or office.

  • Excellent coffee extraction
  • Chrome lever mechanism for capsule insertion
  • Folding cup holder for small cups (home)

Technical characteristics:

  • Height 245 mm
  • Length 120 mm
  • Depth 375 mm
  • Weight 3.75 kg
  • Supply voltage 220/240 V
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Power (consumption) 1050 W
  • Heating element Thermoblock
  • Water tank 0.6 Lt
  • Warranty 1 year

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Lavazza Espresso Point® compatible capsule