Caffè Boasi. The art of roasting.

The port of Genoa has always been an important point for the collection and distribution of the top world coffee production; this is why Genoa is the site of a “school” of specialists in coffee roasting.

Some of these specialists, in the 1950s, felt the need to form a consortium for purchasing, processing and blending the raw coffee: this gave birth to TAG, “Torrefattori Associati Genova”, by the Boasi family (Caffé Boasi 1930).

In 2004 TAG production moved from Via Spalato in Genoa to the new plant in Serravalle Scrivia (AL): 11000sq.m. of cutting-edge facilities, with a production capacity of 20,000-25,000 kilos of coffee per day.

In 2007, the TAG achieved two important quality certifications, ISO 9001 and IFS, ensuring ever-greater attention to the quality of the product and of the services offered to customers.

“For three generations we have been cultivating our passion for coffee, with the craftsman’s care that stays alive even in our modern industrial processes. For us, investing in production systems, quality control and service is a philosophy of life,” says Marco Boasi, President. The company, one of the most important on the Italian market in the bar sector, is expanding its international distribution network and is becoming a point of reference in private label goods because of its quality and personalized service. In 2016 TORREFATTORI ASSOCIATI S.p.A. was founded, a new company that owns the Pera, Caffè Boasi and Rostkafè labels.